Lower Keys' Arts and Culture

The Lower Florida Keys’ art and culture scene are very diverse. It runs a substantial gambit, from classics to post-modern and everything in between. (There’s also a great deal of live entertainment, fun events, and plenty of other things to experience and enjoy. Better yet, these can be found all through the Lower Keys, up into the middle of the chain, and up into the upper part of the archipelago. So, take a few moments to read on to learn more about the best Lower Keys arts and culture has to offer.

The Lower Florida Keys’ art and culture include museums, natural attractions, music, and other live performances, as well as rich history. With several islands running between the aquamarine waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean, the Lower Keys include such destinations as Sugarloaf Key, Lower Matecumbe Key, Lower Sugarloaf Key, Spanish Harbor Key, Stock Island, Little Torch Key, and of course, Key West. (But, there are still others.) Since each of these islands has its own unique community, there’s plenty to do when it comes to arts and culture, like the following:

  1. Live entertainment. Whether it’s music, theater, street festivals, or practically any other form of entertainment, the Lower Keys has it. For example, the Key West Craft Show is a local favorite and visitors will enjoy it, as well. The Pigeon Key Art Festival brings together artists of all kinds and it’s something that can be full of fun surprises.

  2. Museums. Make no mistake about it, the Florida Keys are full of cultural goodies. And there are a few gems to make a point to visit. These include, but are not limited to: the Keys History and Discovery Center in Islamorada, the Florida Keys History of Diving Museum, the Hemingway Home and Museum, and more.

  3. History. Because of their location and geography, there’s also plenty of history to explore throughout the Florida Keys. The waters are home to many shipwrecks to experience during a scuba dive. Plus, there’s more ashore, with various spots showcasing the rich history of the Florida Keys, which dates back many, many years.

  4. Nature. Unsurprisingly, an island chain that runs between two giant bodies of water is full of natural attractions. For instance, there’s the Crane Point Museum and Nature Center in Marathon, the Tropical Gardens in Key West, and the Audubon House, just to name a few. So, there’s a lot to enjoy in the Lower Keys and beyond.