Big Coppitt Key Real Estate

Big Coppitt Key, Geiger Key, and Boca Chica Key are kind of all bundled into one and most people just refer to it as Big Coppitt Key. Boca Chica Drive is the first street on the left coming into Big Coppitt traveling on US1 South. It is about 5 miles long. You go over one bridge that you don’t even realize you’re going over and you’re in Geiger Key. The bridge is about 10 feet long at the most. Then you go over a similar bridge and you’re on Boca Chica Key. Big Coppitt Key, like Shark Key, is right on the flight path for the Navy Jets flying out of NAS Boca Chica. Big Coppitt Key has it all from the $200,000 mobile homes to waterfront homes worth well over close to $2,000,000. There are still a lot of mobile homes on Big Coppitt but they are being replaced with houses and will eventually all be gone. A lot of the workforce lives on Big Coppitt because of the affordability and close proximity to Key West. The mobile homes on Big Coppitt will sell from $200,000 on the very low end up to $350,000 on the high end other that Tamarack Park which is a deep water boating mobile community where some of the mobile homes will sell up over $1,000,000. A lot of Tamarack has replaced the mobiles with houses. The value here is the land due to the boating. You could bring a 50’ or bigger yacht in here. The canals are also a lot wider making it easier to turn the big boats around.

The higher-end section of Big Coppitt is known as the “Jewel Streets because they are all named after precious stones; “Jade Drive, Aquamarine Drive, Diamond Drive, Sapphire Drive, Emerald Drive, and Tamarind Drive”. All of the houses here are canal front or open water and all have deep water boating. The lots are also a little larger than most of the Lower Keys lots. The canal homes here sell for $600,000 on the very low end up to $1,000,000. The open water homes sell from $1,000,000 to the most recent highest sale of $2,400,000. They are beautiful homes but in my opinion, the noise from the jets decreases their desirability. People think of the Lower Keys as being peaceful, quiet, and tranquil, not jet rumble so loud it practically knocks you over.