Lower Keys' Recreation

Lower Florida Keys recreation consists of a wide variety of things to experience for the first time, rediscover, and love. When it comes to staying active, this is about the best environment. That's because the climate and weather are so accommodating for both indoor and outdoor recreation, almost every day of the year. Here, summers are warm and balmy, making water sports ideal. While spring and fall not only accommodate water activities but plenty to do along the surf and inland. Since winters are so mild, outdoor recreation is still fully available, but there's plenty to do indoors as well. So, read on to learn more about the Lower Keys recreational opportunities and what's here to enjoy.

The Lower Keys recreation activities are very plentiful, meaning there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer the wild side or are among the timider in nature, there's still a lot to choose from. Better still, there are plenty of adventurous spots, balance out by a plethora of relaxation points, so you can enjoy several activities throughout the year. Here are some of the top recreation activities the Lower Florida Keys offer:

  1. Boating. Whatever you like to run from island to island, hopping from key to key, or sailing out into the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico, boating is one of those activities that's available just about every day of the year. Or, if you want to experience something a bit more exciting, personal watercraft are the best way to cruise the waves.

  2. Fishing. Of course, the island archipelago that is famously known as the Florida Keys has plenty of fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. Whether you prefer to cruise along the shoreline in the flats or want to take on the big challenge of sport fishing, there are all kinds of species here. Better yet, you can snag a fresh catch for dinner that night.

  3. Water activities. Obviously, water in the Florida Keys goes hand in hand. That means that there's more than pleasure boating and fishing. Here, locals and visitors alike enjoy kayaking, waiting through the surf, paddle boarding, kite surfing, water skiing, and just leisurely laps off the beaches.

  4. Hiking, biking, and camping. The Florida Keys also offer a number of land-based activities, including hiking the various trails along with the islands, biking scenic routes, and camping for outdoor enthusiasts.

Fortunately, this is only a partial list of things to do in the lower Florida keys. Locals and visitors can also enjoy things like golf, tennis, volleyball, and other sports. Plus, the live entertainment here is a staple of the Keys lifestyle. There's also plenty of arts and culture to enjoy, making the Florida Keys one of the best recreation destinations in the entire country.