Stock Island Real Estate

Stock Island is the place that has come the furthest in just a few years. Five years ago Stock Island was known as being a “So-So” neighborhood with a lot of drugs. Fifteen years ago Stock Island was the area you wouldn’t want to go to after dark. Now, Stock Island is a very desirable area with nice homes, restaurants, shops, yachts, marinas, and some of the best resorts in the Florida Keys. Stock Island is a true hodge-podge of homes. You will find $200,000 trailers, $500,000 houses, some condos, townhomes, and houses priced up to over $2,000,000 and everything in between. A lot of the Key West workforce lives on Stock Island because it is the only place left where you can take a scooter or bicycle to downtown Key West yet still afford a home on a local’s salary.