Summerland Key Real Estate

Summerland Key is one of the more expensive Keys. There are very few houses on the Gulf side and even those are pricey. The Atlantic side is probably the most expensive homes in the MM 32 to 17 of the Lower Keys and right up there with the more expensive areas that are closer to Key West. On the very, very low end, the houses here start around $700,000 and go up over $3,000,000. Summerland is about a 20-mile drive to Key West. One of the main reasons for the prices is the deep-water boating. Most of the canals on Summerland Key can accommodate a sailboat or a 50’ yacht. The unwritten rule is the bigger the boats, the bigger the house, the bigger the price tag. Houses on Summerland usually sell quickly. Supply and demand is another reason for the high prices.

East Shore Drive and Ocean Drive are the same streets. You never change roads. It just becomes Ocean Drive about halfway through the roads. Most of these homes sit on anywhere from half an acre up to 2 acres plus. *0.1 to 0.15 acres is the standard lot size in the Lower Keys. That is probably the most expensive section on Summerland Key. Many of the houses cannot be seen from the street. They have large yards with oceanfront pools. Generally speaking, the houses are much bigger. The docks are usually much bigger too which allows them to accommodate the large yachts. I haven’t seen a house on these streets sell under $1,000,000 in many years. The average sale price out there now is $1,500,000 on the very low side up to $3,500,000 on the high end.